My name is Donald!

I do quite a lot of things!

Worked in BT New Media and setup the first tapeless playout system in the UK. It was the pre-curser for BTTV!
Worked for the BBC. Producing BBC2, BBC3 and BBC4 websites. Then initiated the BBC iPlayer!
Was CTO for a webcasting business in Brighton for local government!

Running my own business, back to the nuts-and-bolts, repairing smartphones and tablets, and latops!
Still do a bit of consulting for some charities.
And still dabbling in website stuff. I can offer advice on all things associated with domain names, websites and email setup!

07808-906036 -

(I had the foresight in the 90's to register my own domain - this one! It was quite difficult to do at the time but was worth it. Disney have enquired about the name in the past! Wonder why??)